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Thanks for helping to make DCinruins the most popular DC-centric urban exploration site on the internet. I’m truly humbled by the fantastic response I’ve received to this site, but I’m not done yet. I’d love to expand the content and information offered on this site, but I need your help…

If you have photos, stories, or information about the abandoned places featured on DCinruins – or other abandoned places in the DC area that I haven’t gotten a chance to cover yet – please consider sharing them with me. I’d love to include them on the site or in the forthcoming print edition of DCinruins, which will be available soon from the good folks at Insignificant Press.

Email your work to me at nativescrawl (at) gmail.com.



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The Book

Abandoned Washington DC – More than 350 never before seen full color photos of DC in decay, accompanied by essays on urban exploration in the nation’s capital.  This is DCinruins the way it was meant to be seen.

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