DCinruins in print!


Three volumes of DCinruins are now available to have, to hold, and take with you when you explore.

On sale now for only $5.00 (shipping included!)



2 thoughts on “DCinruins in print!

  1. A friend just gave me the set of your three zines. They’re terrific! I’d love to suggest some sites for future exploration: the Alexander Crummell School (1900 Gallaudet St. NE), the Jesse Reno School (4820 Howard St. NW), and the Aqueduct Bridge abutment that still remains on the banks of the Potomac in Georgetown.

    Posted by Kim Roberts | November 24, 2013, 1:33 pm

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Complete DCinruins eBook.

DCinruins wherever you go - An ebook featuring exclusive detailed directions and advice on how to access Forest Haven Mental Health Center, the East Portico, and all of the other DCinruins locations. These directions are only available in the ebook.

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