Forest Haven by Matt Anderson



Explorer Matt Anderson has contributed this haunting photo from Forest Haven Mental Health Center.  Thanks, Matt!

Know a DC area urbex location that’s not featured here?  Can you take some halfway decent photos?  Think you can string two or more words together into a comprehensible sentence fragment?

This is your chance to become a DCinruins correspondent.  My new work situation means I’m out of the DC area more often than not, but I’d love to keep the site fresh and up-to-date with new contributions from you.  Ideal articles strive to be more than a simple narrative of your visit – DCinruins typically offers history along with its adventure, and hopefully, you’ll leave the reader with something to think about, too.

Submit your photos and articles to kenningcontest@gmail.com for possible inclusion on the DCinruins website as either the front page photo or as a new permanent featured location.  I can’t really pay as this is first and foremost a labor of love, but I can offer you some full color copies of the DCinruins zine.

Thanks for your continued support of DCinruins!



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