05 skeletonThis site documents my modest efforts to explore disused, abandoned, and decaying structures in the Washington, DC metro area. While the site is the result of my personal experiences with urban exploration, I’m open to comments, tips, and collaborations from other DC explorers.

Urban exploration offers us the opportunity to meditate on some very fundamental questions about who we are – what it means to live in a city, all bunched up and sharing space with lots of other people, how we remember the past through its remnants in the cityscape around us, and who we as inhabitants of a closed environmental system want to be in the future.

DCinruins since May 2011.


abandoned dc thumbnailThere’s so much more to Washington, DC than granite and limestone. Discover a side of our nation’s capital that goes beyond the carefully manicured landmarks, where ruins become de facto monuments to a past we’ve almost forgotten – a working class past of great schemes and shuttered dreams, a city of immigrants, transplants, and others whose names are long lost, but whose legacy can be traced through DC’s crumbling corners. Abandoned Washington DC collects more than 350 striking images of decay and devastation, paired with thought-provoking essays detailing an alternate, abandoned – but no less accurate – history of the capital city.

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The Book

Abandoned Washington DC – Get the whole picture with more than 350 never-before-seen full-color photos of DC in decay, accompanied by essays and stories of urban exploration in the nation’s capital. Glossy, heavyweight pages, suitable for any coffee table or bookshelf. This is DCinruins the way it was meant to be seen.

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